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About Us

BuySpot is an ecommerce platform that connects sellers with the buyers. BuySpot is an online platform where any seller can sell their products online. Any business can jump start with BuySpot reaching a wide range of customers in a shorter period. BuySpot serves as an intermediate between the buyers and sellers.

BuySpot is proudly managed by "Idol Bazaar Enterprises". Idol Bazaar Enterprises (IBE) is a firm established in the year 2015 with the objectives of serving the customers with their daily needs. BuySpot is the name given to the strategy developed in the year 2022 by Idol Bazaar Enterprises. The whole backened processes of BuySpot will be managed by IBE team.


Features of BuySpot -

  • No need to use different apps. One application for wide variety of products.
  • Huge discounts and offers on different categories of products.
  • Free home delivery of products on orders above 1000 INR.
  • Sellers are verified and premium quality of products are only dispatched upon orders.
  • Orders are delivered within a shorter period of time. The same day delivery (within 24 hours) is also available.
  • Restaurant food items can also be ordered through BuySpot.


Benefits for Sellers -

  1. Sellers can bring their businesses online, from then they will become online merchants.
  2. The products from the sellers reach wide range of customers in a shorter period. No need of separate products marketing from the sellers. The marketing expenses of the sellers will be reduced.
  3. Sellers can gain more profit upon the sales of their products.
  4. Sellers can view their sales, profit and stock on a single dashboard.


Benefits for Buyers -

  1. Customers can buy groceries, medicines, clothes, mobiles and accessories, electronic items, and much more at one place.
  2. Customers can get their products within a shorter period of time.
  3. Customers can avail the benefits of huge discounts on the products purchased through BuySpot.
  4. Customers can order restaurant food items too and can receive their orders in short time.

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